The Complete Holiday Shopping Guide

When shopping around during the Holidays there’s so many deals and advertisements everywhere that it’s very hard to make the right choice about what products to buy. We’re going to talk about some good strategies to use when looking for deals and hot gifts during Thanksgiving and Christmas time.

Pre-Christmas Sales
Pre-Christmas Sales are normally the best time to buy the majority of your Christmas Gifts. In particular the week before Christmas tends to be a very good time to shop because almost everyone else has bought their gifts already, and stores are desperately trying to get rid of their extra stock. Unlike on Black Friday, you shouldn’t have to wait in line all day for deals if you buy your gifts just a few days before Christmas day. The one downside to shopping right before Christmas is that certain popular items tend to be out of stock, and sometimes it may be something that you really want to get. For instance, when new video game consoles come out right before Christmas they tend to sell out very quickly. If you know you’re going to be purchasing something that’s quite popular then you should probably get it sooner rather than later.

Plan out your gifts
Planning out what Christmas Gifts you’re going to buy before you go to the store can save you a lot of trouble and confusion. If you need gift ideas, then there’s various websites devoted to sparking your giving inspiration. You should also look for good deals online before going out to the store. Often times you can find certain things much cheaper on the web, even when you factor in the cost for shipping. You can also check out various deal comparison websites to find the absolute lowest price on an item before you go out and buy it. That being said, you should probably make sure you call in to see if the stores have the items you want in stock first.

Black Friday
The first big deals that usually come around are the Black Friday deals that happen on the day after Thanksgiving. Some of these deals really are awesome, however they do come with downsides. The first problem with Black Friday is that no matter where you go, there’s pretty much always a crowd of people rushing and waiting in lines for the best deals. Most of the really good deals you just can’t get unless you’re willing to show up to the store very early in the morning(or the night before) and wait in line for many hours. Most of the deals you don’t have to wait for are really nothing too special. So If you’re the type of person that just hates waiting in line, then maybe the Black Friday deals are something you should skip.


If you are willing to wait in line and deal with mobs of people then Black Friday may be the perfect opportunity to get that new Flat-Screen TV, or Playstation 4 that you’ve wanted for a while. These are the sick deals that you almost always need to wait in line for, and because of that you normally can only get 1 deal like this. So you basically want to pick the most expensive and valuable thing that you truly want or need and plan on going for that on Black Friday. You may find some other deals as well, but you shouldn’t plan on doing the majority of your shopping on Black Friday, because chances are you’ll get better deals during the Christmas sales. This will vary quite a bit depending on where you live though. Some small cities tend to have absolutely incredible Black deals on Black Friday, while other Cities tend to have very mediocre ones.

Post Christmas Sales
It’s a shame that Post Christmas Sales are after Christmas because they’re usually the absolute best ones. However, if there are still some things that you want to buy then this is definitely the best time to it. The reason things are so cheap right after Christmas is because stores tend to have a bunch of extra inventory that didn’t sell so they just want to get rid of it so they can gear up for spring time. Candy, Christmas Decorations, and even electronics can all be found at exceptionally low prices after Christmas.


3 Powerhouse tips for Saving on Gas and Electric Bills

Paying for gas and electric each month can be very expensive. Are you wasting your money on your gas and electric bills? If so, read our tips here. It only takes 20 minutes to check, but it could save you more than £200 a year.

Tips #1: Use less

  • When you leave a room, turn off the lights.
  • Use energy saving light bulbs. Energy saving light bulbs don’t cost much more and can last up to 10 times longer than ordinary bulbs as well.
  • Turn down your thermostat. Turning it down only by 1°C could cut 10% of your heating bill. That’s a lot.
  • Don’t boil water more than you need. If you need to boil water to make a cup of tea, just boil for that amount.
      Fill up your dishwasher, tumble dryer, and washing machine. That’s right. A full load consumes less energy than two half-full loads. You can also wash your clothes at 30°C and avoid using a tumble dryer as much as possible to reduce your energy bill.

      Tips #2: Make your home eco-friendly

      Spending some of your money to save a lot is a good investment. This is true for your gas and electricity bills as well. Also, there are many grants available as well. These grants help you to

        Improve your insulation

      • Installing solar panels or other renewable energy sources
      • Upgrade appliances and boiler
      • Another good idea is to have your home get an energy check. The energy check process doesn’t take long but it will surely help save your money.
      • And even if you do it without a grant, these kinds of investments will surely pay back in long-term.

      Tips #3: Switch

      Changing energy supplier is easy. You can save lots of money on your energy bills, provided that you do it properly. The process of switching usually doesn’t take more than 17 days. Don’t worry, you won’t be cut off at any point.

    Online Shoping Stores

    How to save Money Shopping for High-End Clothing

    The internet has made big changes in how people shop and interact in their daily lives. It has totally improved the consumer experience from shopping in malls. With just a few clicks, you can get your fashion fix in the comfort of your living room with the Internet. When looking for just the right pants or top, an online search may be the ticket. You could discover the perfect item for you.

    Try to find it by using a search engine or visiting likely online clothing boutiques. Many online stores sell designer clothes, and many times at a good discount. Everyboutique or ShopItToMe are a couple of sites for you to consider. There is always good ole eBay for you to conquer if you are still unconvinced by what these sites have to offer.

    Decide on your preferred clothing brand. To make your search easier, attempt to focus your clothes to a certain designer brand. The best way to approach shopping at an online store is to know ahead of time either the brand you are looking for, or the specific type of clothing, or ideally both.

    Shop around. You can do all your shopping without leaving the comfort of your living room with the internet so maximize your window-shopping time by comparing prices across all online shopping websites. Did you have any luck locating a nice shirt on one of the sites? There might be a less expensive piece on eBay. Compare shipping prices when you order online to ensure you are getting the best deal.

    Ensure that it fits. Make sure you purchase a size you’re sure will fit when you’re shopping online for designer clothing items. It’s a good idea to use an online seller that allows you to see pictures of what you are buying, and has a return policy, as well for poorly fitting clothes.

    Complete your purchase. Narrow down your choices and head to the register. Read all the fine print on any forms, being sure that you’ve filled everything out precisely, and you’ll be sure to get the real details on your purchase.

    Before proceeding, please heed this word of caution. Fundamental Internet commerce precautions involve making sure that the system being used is safe and secure for shopping. Always check a website’s cart system to make sure it has an SSL certificate; this will ensure that your personal information can not fall into the wrong hands.

    At times, using the internet to purchase designer clothes can feel like a crapshoot. You should create a relationship with the seller by talking with them once in a while. This makes it easy so you don’t get suckered in by frauds.