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Save The Minimum Wage

December 11, 2014
by Brad

Why the Minimum Wage Is So Important!

If there is one thing that I believe in, it is the fact that minimum wage is very important. If in case you do not know what minimum wage is, it is the standard amount that people get for working every hour.

The minimum wage is the lowest possible amount that can be given to the employee.

If the employer cannot pay the minimum amount, he is not recommended to hire an employee, because that will be against the law.

There are times when people are not aware about the different factors that are given consideration before the minimum amount of the wage is set.

Usually, countries set a minimum amount based on what they think the person needs in order to survive. Advantages of the Minimum Wage For some people who are not too aware about the different advantages of minimum wage, here are just some things to think about:

Makes Employees More Productive – There are times when people do not want to work anymore because they feel that they are not getting enough money to make them want to do the tasks that they have to do.

Having the minimum wage will at least let people feel that they are working for something, and will lead to being more productive at work.

Possibility of Leading More Comfortable Lives – If there is one thing that people would want to have, it is to have comfortable lives.

They would want to go into a home that they can proudly call their own. They want to have the ability to purchase the things that they need. With the minimum wage, this is all possible.

Makes Paying Bills Easier – One of the main reasons why the money that people earn is never enough is because they would have to pay a lot of bills.

From electricity, water and credit card bills, people are left with barely anything at the end, which makes them feel like they are just working to pay the bills. Right now, the prospect of having minimum wage can decrease this possibility.

While the above mentioned advantages are for the employees only, there are also some advantages that the employers may have such as the following:

Employers can ask their employees to improve on productivity so that more work can be done and more money will be received by the company.

Employers have the chance to weigh the various people who would like to work for the company, because the positions being offered should only be given to the best employees available.

I do believe that there are also some companies who are unable to comply with the minimum wage rules set by the different countries and it is unfortunate that these companies sometimes have no choice but to close down.

There are still some employees like the fast food workers in the US who have organized strikes in order to become noticed. They would want to get the incentives of minimum wage too and I know that they deserve it.

November 27, 2014
by Brad

Being a Member of the English Labour Party

One thing that I pride myself on is being a member of the English Labour Party. I am very interested in politics and I like to give attention to the various things that I feel people in the government have lost interest in, especially over the past few years. I feel that the government of England can be improved to serve people better. In fact, I am thinking that if I would be given a chance to serve the country, I will try my hardest to formulate plans that can benefit the people more.

labor partyI know for a fact that England has gone through a lot. There are many sacrifices that people have already made to improve their current way of life. Most people cannot help but think that all of the things that they have done are just wasted because they were not able to get anything from it. As a member of the English Labour Party, I would like the chance to show people that what they have done, and what they have gone through, is all worth it. I believe that it is not only our party that is responsible about this. Everyone should work well together for a better community.

Advantages of Being Part of the English Labour Party

There are some people who do not understand why I am so passionate about the English Labour Party and why I encourage other people to become a part of it. Here are just some of the advantages that people may get:

* Ability to Vote in the Leadership Election – Voting for the next leader is extremely important. I am very open to the fact that I would also like to get elected as the leader, but I believe that being a member of the English Labour Party helps me become more in control of the leaders that can lead the country and the government.

* Ability to Know More about the Different Candidates – One of the main reasons why people are having a hard time choosing the right leader to choose is because they do not know all the facts and details about the candidates. Being a part of the English Labour Party will give the members an opportunity to know more details and choose the rightful leader.

* Ability to Attend Important Political Events – I am interested in anything that has something to do with the politics in England, therefore, it is not surprising anymore that I am into attending the various events set up by the party.

In my opinion, the way England is being led now is not as good as it was in the past. Over the years, I have heard more people are becoming more dissatisfied with the current government. If the party would win in the next election, I believe that I can also help in making sure that the country will be led better by the government based on our various programs and plans.

December 20, 2014
by Brad

Top 5 Places that Need Forklift Drivers

Forklift drivers who have just passed their exam sometimes get confused with what they have to do after that. The next step is to search for that place where you can be hired for all of the hard work that you have gone through to acquire the license.

Forklift-truckFor some, they were hired immediately because the main reason why they took the license exam is just that, to get hired by a certain company. Other people get a license first before they try out to become forklift drivers for some companies, because they like the flexibility that a license can give them.

Searching for the right place that offer a lot of forklift jobs for forklift drivers can be a bit hard and complicated without proper knowledge.

If I would not do my research, I would be searching for jobs in all the wrong places. Here are the 5 places that need forklift drivers:

  1. Electronic Factories – In electronics, there are always a lot of items that are small because companies have this notion that the smaller the items, the better the features that it can offer, but there are still instances when there are big items that need to be transferred from one place to another. These items might be too heavy in order to be lifted by hand, which makes having a forklift driver to drive a forklift a necessity.
  2. Chemical Plants – There is a reason why being a forklift driver is usually said to be a hard job to do, namely because there are always some risks that people would have to go through. In chemical plants, there might be some chemicals that are hazardous, but would still have to be transferred from one place to another.
  3. Product Warehouses – In warehouses, there are always so many items that would have to be transferred from one place to another. Do remember that some of these items cannot be transferred by the forklift. Therefore, forklift drivers must prepare to somewhat carry the items manually.
  4. Equipment Storehouses – Based on the name itself, there are a lot of equipments that may be present in the store house. For this reason, it is possible that the equipment would be transferred within the place.
  5. Machine Depots – Whenever there are some machines that are present, it is already inevitable that forklift drivers are needed to make the job possible. There are instances when forklift drivers would have to work longer than their required number of hours because it is taking them so long to transfer a machine from one place to another.

The above mentioned places are just some of the areas where forklift drivers are being hired. Most of the time, forklift drivers are needed in most countries as long as there are industries similar, or the same as the industries that are mentioned above.

We have to remember that not everyone can be drivers just because they want to. Certification and sometimes work experience is needed to make the cut. There are also times when companies conduct trainings to help their forklift drivers become better.

December 4, 2014
by Brad

The G20 in Australia

I am ecstatic that the G20 is already happening in Australia! I know for a fact that I am passionate about a lot of things and being a part of a very important event is just one of those things that I am happy and enthusiastic about. Can you imagine being a part of an event where 3,000 domestic and international media will be present? Can you further imagine 4,000 delegates attending the event? That is just how big the event is.

For some people who may not be familiar with the main reasons why this event is happening, here are just some of the reasons why:

* To target global research priorities

There are some things that are happening all over the world thatg20 would have to be given a lot of attention so that they can be resolved soon. The research will not take place, unless companies will invest in that type of research.

* To collaborate with other countries

There may be some countries that have similar problems and that can think of possible and effective solutions by working together. There are instances when countries also have to collaborate with each other in order to have good bonds with each other.

* Track productivity and goals

Since there were already other goals and priorities that were set in the past, the next meeting will be used to check up on those goals. It will give the delegates and the countries a good indication of how many of the goals have already been done, and which goals would need to be improved on. There are also times when new goals would have to be set to enable people to work better.

These three things are just some of the things that will be talked about at the G20 in Australia. Personally, I am happy that I am given a chance to go there because of my passion, which is to support the working families in Britain. I believe that most of the families are not getting enough wages, so I would like to promote that to the rest of the delegates. The importance of the minimum wage is often at times disregarded because some people give more importance to the companies. But have people ever thought about what would happen to those companies when there are no employees? No work will ever be done.

Aside from the wages that employees might possibly get, one thing that I would also like other delegates to see give attention to, is the working conditions of employees not only in Britain, but also in different parts of the globe. I believe that this is one problem that takes place in different parts of the world. It does not only happen in Britain. It happens in other countries too. How would employees be able to work in places that are not fit for human beings? When employees are not productive, they are blamed by their employers, but without proper working conditions, people will not thrive. By attending the G20 in Australia, I am positive that I can make a difference.