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November 27, 2014
by Brad

Being a Member of the English Labour Party

One thing that I pride myself on is being a member of the English Labour Party. I am very interested in politics and I like to give attention to the various things that I feel people in the government have lost interest in, especially over the past few years. I feel that the government of England can be improved to serve people better. In fact, I am thinking that if I would be given a chance to serve the country, I will try my hardest to formulate plans that can benefit the people more.

labor partyI know for a fact that England has gone through a lot. There are many sacrifices that people have already made to improve their current way of life. Most people cannot help but think that all of the things that they have done are just wasted because they were not able to get anything from it. As a member of the English Labour Party, I would like the chance to show people that what they have done, and what they have gone through, is all worth it. I believe that it is not only our party that is responsible about this. Everyone should work well together for a better community.

Advantages of Being Part of the English Labour Party

There are some people who do not understand why I am so passionate about the English Labour Party and why I encourage other people to become a part of it. Here are just some of the advantages that people may get:

* Ability to Vote in the Leadership Election – Voting for the next leader is extremely important. I am very open to the fact that I would also like to get elected as the leader, but I believe that being a member of the English Labour Party helps me become more in control of the leaders that can lead the country and the government.

* Ability to Know More about the Different Candidates – One of the main reasons why people are having a hard time choosing the right leader to choose is because they do not know all the facts and details about the candidates. Being a part of the English Labour Party will give the members an opportunity to know more details and choose the rightful leader.

* Ability to Attend Important Political Events – I am interested in anything that has something to do with the politics in England, therefore, it is not surprising anymore that I am into attending the various events set up by the party.

In my opinion, the way England is being led now is not as good as it was in the past. Over the years, I have heard more people are becoming more dissatisfied with the current government. If the party would win in the next election, I believe that I can also help in making sure that the country will be led better by the government based on our various programs and plans.