The Complete Holiday Shopping Guide

When shopping around during the Holidays there’s so many deals and advertisements everywhere that it’s very hard to make the right choice about what products to buy. We’re going to talk about some good strategies to use when looking for deals and hot gifts during Thanksgiving and Christmas time.

Pre-Christmas Sales
Pre-Christmas Sales are normally the best time to buy the majority of your Christmas Gifts. In particular the week before Christmas tends to be a very good time to shop because almost everyone else has bought their gifts already, and stores are desperately trying to get rid of their extra stock. Unlike on Black Friday, you shouldn’t have to wait in line all day for deals if you buy your gifts just a few days before Christmas day. The one downside to shopping right before Christmas is that certain popular items tend to be out of stock, and sometimes it may be something that you really want to get. For instance, when new video game consoles come out right before Christmas they tend to sell out very quickly. If you know you’re going to be purchasing something that’s quite popular then you should probably get it sooner rather than later.

Plan out your gifts
Planning out what Christmas Gifts you’re going to buy before you go to the store can save you a lot of trouble and confusion. If you need gift ideas, then there’s various websites devoted to sparking your giving inspiration. You should also look for good deals online before going out to the store. Often times you can find certain things much cheaper on the web, even when you factor in the cost for shipping. You can also check out various deal comparison websites to find the absolute lowest price on an item before you go out and buy it. That being said, you should probably make sure you call in to see if the stores have the items you want in stock first.

Black Friday
The first big deals that usually come around are the Black Friday deals that happen on the day after Thanksgiving. Some of these deals really are awesome, however they do come with downsides. The first problem with Black Friday is that no matter where you go, there’s pretty much always a crowd of people rushing and waiting in lines for the best deals. Most of the really good deals you just can’t get unless you’re willing to show up to the store very early in the morning(or the night before) and wait in line for many hours. Most of the deals you don’t have to wait for are really nothing too special. So If you’re the type of person that just hates waiting in line, then maybe the Black Friday deals are something you should skip.


If you are willing to wait in line and deal with mobs of people then Black Friday may be the perfect opportunity to get that new Flat-Screen TV, or Playstation 4 that you’ve wanted for a while. These are the sick deals that you almost always need to wait in line for, and because of that you normally can only get 1 deal like this. So you basically want to pick the most expensive and valuable thing that you truly want or need and plan on going for that on Black Friday. You may find some other deals as well, but you shouldn’t plan on doing the majority of your shopping on Black Friday, because chances are you’ll get better deals during the Christmas sales. This will vary quite a bit depending on where you live though. Some small cities tend to have absolutely incredible Black deals on Black Friday, while other Cities tend to have very mediocre ones.

Post Christmas Sales
It’s a shame that Post Christmas Sales are after Christmas because they’re usually the absolute best ones. However, if there are still some things that you want to buy then this is definitely the best time to it. The reason things are so cheap right after Christmas is because stores tend to have a bunch of extra inventory that didn’t sell so they just want to get rid of it so they can gear up for spring time. Candy, Christmas Decorations, and even electronics can all be found at exceptionally low prices after Christmas.

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